Our Unicorn and Pony photoshoots are our most popular photoshoot option. Photo shoots usually start in late June and go through September with the unicorn since by mid-September he starts to get his winter coat and loses his sleek look.  If you are interested in a pony photo shoot, they start in June and go through October.  We try to keep the photo shoots to weekday evenings.  šŸ˜Š

This option is available to professional photographers offering their own shoot. Individuals may also opt to do private photoshoots with their own photographer or take their own photos.

Our 7.5-acre pony farm is located in Lizton (10 min outside of Brownsburg).  We have a scenic property with large old oak trees that are surrounded by our wildflower garden, a great sunset view, a gently rolling pasture, and a beautiful newer red and white barn.  Most of the property is available as a background, although the old oak trees are the most popular place for the photographers.

**Please note that we do not provide a photographer for private shoots, you will need to schedule and bring your own photographer.  We do not limit the number of children getting pictures, but we do have a maximum of two families for private pictures, so you may go in with another family to reduce the cost.  

Photography credits: Danielle Renee Photography, HPK Creative Arts, and Beth Waterman Photography